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Is your organization prepared for the next emergency?

When the COVID-19 virus struck the United States in early 2020, our society, hospitals and First Responders were unprepared and soon overwhelmed. There was great waste, inefficiency and loss of life while hospitals, nonprofits, nursing homes, emergency service workers and all citizens competed for scarce and overpriced supplies of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Ample Financial's Mission

A consulting firm dedicated to providing strategic solutions to non-profit organizations, medical institutions and first responder government agencies to strengthen their emergency preparedness. Through advance planning and forward positioning, Ample Financial will empower organizations and mitigate the disastrous impact of supply chain failures experienced during the Covid-19 Pandemic, that left frontline workers and people in need without personal protection equipment.

Ample Financial’s Consultation can help your organization:

  • Create solutions for solving supply chain problems bolstering emergency preparedness

  • Eliminate waste with more efficient PPE supply chain methods

  • Maintain a continual supply of readily available, high-quality PPE

  • Reduce delays and wait times for PPE in emergencies, thereby protecting the health and safety of frontline workers

  • Recognize short- and long-term cost savings


In 2016, before the pandemic, PPE was a more than $40 billion global market. Robust PPE sales are predicted to continue after the crisis due to the booming elderly population, chronic diseases and increasing concerns for health workers’ safety.

“Revenue for the U.S. personal protective equipment sector is expected to surge 15.2% to $5.7 billion this year, as the industry responds to the coronavirus pandemic, according to a May report by research firm IBISWorld.“ – Reuters

“The global personal protective equipment market size is projected to reach USD 85.72 billion by 2026, exhibiting a CAGR of 7.3% during the forecast period.” Fortune




Broker services for healthcare organizations and PPE distributor members

  • 1) Cut links in PPE supply chain: Save time and money with innovation
  • 2) Bypass PPE stockpiles to secure future supply
  • 3) Flip normal business model: Instead, “Buy high, sell low”
  • 4) Inject price transparency into PPE marketplace
  • 5) Fix problem: Healthcare organizations and distributors are NOT testing PPE to protect workers
  • 6) Continue boots on ground campaign to hand healthcare workers free PPE

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