Cut Red Tape 4 

Over 25 million items of PPE distributed

March 2020 – August 2023 and climbing!

Ample Financial and Cut Red Tape 4 Heroes’s founder Rhonda Roland Shearer’s high-profile, not-for-profit effort started at the beginning of the pandemic.

“I ran the main charity supply operation at ground zero for uniform services including

From March 2020 until today my group has distributed over 25 million items of PPE to FDNY,
Public Housing residents, Homeless services and hospital workers

The goal was to put PPE directly in the hands of healthcare workers who were going without PPE on the job or going to and from work in New York, New Jersey and Florida. As of July 2022, more than 3 million healthcare workers and people in need received more than 25 million items of PPE from – all documented in photos and videos found on Cut Red Tape 4 Heroes’ social media postings and in media reporting.

Shearer continues to obtain invaluable information from the front lines about ongoing PPE shortages and problems facing healthcare workers and hospital administrators, including how workers had to spend their own money to buy PPE for home use and were given potentially dangerous, expired products.

As a public benefit corporation, Ample Financial continues its support of Cut Red Tape 4 Heroes’ project mission to supply healthcare workers, overburdened communities and first responders with freePPE for home and personal use and cleaning products.